New iPhone…

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Recently my 5 year old Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini cellphone broke down, and I have been looking for a replacement. As a cheaper alternative to buying a new phone, I started using my brother’s old iPhone 4S. I was already used to an Android cellphone, so getting used to Apple’s IOS was kind of difficult. After a few days I got used to it, but I couldnt help but notice many small inconveniences while using the phone, which I didnt blame on the phone’s UI since it is fairly old and the most recent IOS may be a strain for the iPhone 4S’s hardware. After going through many of the pre-installed applications, I came across iCloud.

icloud-logo-blue-iphonemonk             I wanted to export all the phones current photos to my brother’s laptop in order for me to start off with a fresh phone, and I found out the easiest way to do this was through iCloud, or so I thought. I started iCloud on my computer and searched for the folder containing all photos. My cellphone was previously backed up on iCloud, but it seems that the space of all the photos exceeded 5GB, which is the total amount of storage Apple provides. Where is the sense in that?  They offer only a 5GB backup space to phones that store 8GB like the one I was using and I had to pay to access more storage. Not to mention if a person owns one of the 32GB or 128GB models, they must purchase more storage in order to backup their files since 5GB’s is not going to cut it.

After a while of deleting many photos to have just enough for the 5GB cut, i was left with 1651 photos. All of them appeared on my iCloud after about 8 minutes of just waiting for them to appear. I think Apple should know that most of their clients actually store a lot of photos and you could see the performance issues in these cases. I needed to export all my photos to the PC, so I was looking for a way to do this in the GUI. It was doable with just one photo at a time, but I needed a button to export all. After my unsuccessful search I resort to asking Google. After researching this online for a while, I found out you cannot select all photos on iCloud!  The only way to actually export all my photos was to go through each one and export individually, or Ctrl + click each and every one of the photos and export them all. Thats 1651 photos to click! I didn’t have any time at the moment to go through that, also because for each new line of photos it took iCloud 1-2 minutes to display.

So far, iCloud has been a real hassle to use and all of Apple’s Terms and Agreements that appear constantly when using the IOS are terribly unpleasant. I do appreciate the simplistic layout they are going for in the IOS or in iCloud, but that means nothing when many features are missing or hard to find in all that “simplicity”.



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