Snapchats’ Bad UX


It is hard to believe that an application so popular and widely used such as Snapchat has a terrible interface for new users. Most applications in today’s market do not even get a second glance if the first experience with them is not up-to-expectations, but Snapchat miraculously is one of the most downloaded applications on the Play Store right now.

The problem I have with Snapchats’ design is its lack of a tutorial on its first use, thus making a lot of features un-intuitively hidden. Back when I first downloaded Snapchat I did not even know how to use filters on my photos, and I remember accidentally swiping my screen and finding all these different options. There is no way to know if any other people have added you since when you open up the application there is no part that notifies you immediately, instead you have to swipe up and check your status. I was not aware that my friend had added me on Snapchat until a month later because I had not swiped up, since there was no reason to do so in my daily use of the application. Its a pity that all of these desirable features are hidden.

screen6Since my cellphone has a smaller screen than today’s common enlarged smartphone, the placement of the small alphabet letters for searching right next to the checkbox of every friend is an inconvenience. I frequently accidentally hop to somewhere else on the friend list while my intent was to select a friend. This may not seem like such a big problem, but after encountering this for a while it starts to really bug you.

That said, I like the simplicity in its design, but it is hard for a newcomer to get used to the application, and the only reason why a new user would sign up for Snapchat is because of its popularity. The popularity also makes the discovering of new features easier because of communication between users, but that would never need to happen if the UI was polished in the first place.


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