This one is actually good.

Over this winter break, I went to Zurich to meet some relatives, and I had to deal with all the airline flight booking. I came across an airline called Swiss and I decided to book a flight on their airline. I remember at the time I was pleased by the simplicity of the websites design, but since I started CSC318 I went back to it and looked at it at a design point of view. It is still a great website, which is refreshing because of all the terrible UX in a large portion of today’s airline websites. has a great design, stylish and effective. When I first accessed the website to book my flight, I was introduced to an explanation of everything the airline had to offer. They had a listing of their whole fleet, a whole animated route network which isairline done beautifully, and many short videos and animations about the services they provide. When you first access the page you are presented to a background of a few mountaintops and a nice landscape, but when you continue scrolling you are sent to the sky through a beautifully animated list of all the slideshows they provide, which are also very helpful and informative. Each list continues to go higher in the sky until the route network is portrayed with a view of the world and a mapped route of each plane. Everything needed to be known was provided by the website at a quick, easy and beautiful approach.


When you are done with the website, you are redirected to wloadinghich is the page where you actually book the flight. This page is not as refined as their introductory page, but it is very functional and does what its purposed for. Unlike many other airline sights, all flights are shown clearly and all offers are distinct avoiding page clutter and going for the more simple approach, which I think is always better. There is an order of operations which  guides you through the whole booking process, which is great for people who are not familiar with that process. Also it has a very nice loading animation, which is a nice touch.


There is one flaw on the website design of Although the animations were done very well, if too many tabs are opened at the same time, the animation can be blocky and stuttering, making the experience rather unenjoyable. Other than that, the website is one of the most polished I have seen in a while.

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