Amazon and its design.

logoI have used for many different purchases throughout the years and it has never let me down. The packages arrive safely and on time, but I’m not here to talk about that. Although Amazon has a great work ethic and costumer service, they really shine in their website design.

Amazon’s website is great for shoppers. It is clear what to do in the moment that you access the website. You can see a large search bar on the very top of the website where you can write the name of any product you like and search for its availability. The


main page also displays all the deals going on at the moment and things that would be beneficial to any costumer before they buy, all laid out in flat look which is a very popular web design nowadays. That layout actually improves performance and the simplicity makes the interface easier to use. Also anything related to your searches or your interests is displayed in the front page, giving you more options to shop. But this page is not the best part of this site. The part where Amazon really shines is in its product pages.


Whenever you click on a product you are met with a heavily detailed page, which is not confusing or cluttered at all. You can see many images of your product, its packaging details, various prices offered by numerous sellers, and most importantly the customer reviews. Whenever I buy anything, I check for theratestars.png satisfaction of previous customers in order to be more sure of my purchase. Amazon knows that people are heavily influenced by other people’s experiences, so they created a very helpful review section with the top backed up reviews from all the people who posted. Although many reviews vary, you get a pretty idea of what you want after reading them.
They rate them with stars and then they are clearly laid out in the rank of helpfulness, showing how many other people found the particular review helpful.  I think that is this site’s genius. The portraying of happy sellers so openly on top of the reviews give the products a much higher chance of being purchased, which is good news for the company.

After choosing a product to purchase, you are sent to a createaccount.pngpage that requires you to sign in. I do not like the idea that you need to create an account in order to buy a product, and
thankfully Amazon allows you to just continue as a guest and purchase it like that, a service that many other sites do not offer.
Although it is beneficial to create an account and it is also quick and easy. After you proceed with the checkout, your order will arrive before you know it.




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