Sure you want to quit skype?


Skype is a renown application mainly used for its video calls but now that many other applications offer the same service, this application is being used less and less. It is being forgotten for a good reason though, because Skype UI is not the best.

Skype’s main interface is outdated. It is filled with distractions and ad’s encouraging you to use Skype, but they just want to make you use it less. I’ve always had skypead.pngto look for something, I was never presented with an obvious way of doing things. Ad’s are present before you start a video call, forcing you to see a short ad beforehand. There are so many ads, that people have created programs specifically for removing Skype Ads. Skype doesn’t
seem to get that people use it primarily as a video call resource, not a social media. So all the unpolished features they add with problems like bad text formatting, no way of disabling emoticons, etc. are not even considered by people who use the application. Why shove them at our face? Just optimize the video calling with different features and good connectivity instead of focusing on other non-necessary parts.

Although there are numerous small problems with Skype, there are 2 that are painfully annoying. First, the application runs on startup, which means that it will run every single time you open your PC(slowing it down). This feature can be turned off (not in an obvious way whatsoever) so at least there is that. But many people (like me) don’t go through the hassle of finding the way to turn it off since I just quit Skype in order to continue using my4closeskype2 PC normally. Which brings me to the second problem, quitting Skype. The fact that you cannot just exit the application by pressing the X button is irritating. Every time you want to remove that Skype from the taskbar, you have to open it, click on file, click Quit Skype and then you are prompted to check if you are sure if you want to leave Skype. This problem, combined with the first one become the pinnacle of bad user experience. That means that every single time you boot the PC, you have to go through the whole process of exiting Skype. In Business version, even when you exit Skype, it still continues to run in the background, slowing down your PC.



Skype used to be a very good application back in the good ol’ days but now it seems lackluster and tiresome to use. Maybe one day I will write a good review on this application’s interface, but that is not today.


Photos taken by Me, from Skype Application.

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