Oh how the mighty have fallen…


Microsoft is a company that has been around for a while and it is know for their Windows Operating System which is widely used by most PC users worldwide. Back in the good old days, Microsoft released Windows XP which was one of the best operating systems at that time. It was used for years until Microsoft stopped supporting it, by the time Windows 8 came out. Sadly Windows has not had an upgrade since Windows 7, which I believe is still the best operating system to date, beating XP by just a little bit. Nowadays, Microsoft’s final release is Windows 10, which is not up to standards to say the least.

I have had Windows 10 for 1 year now, and because of it I have had to reformat my laptop twice, one of which was entirely the fault of all these force-fed updates. When my laptop installed the latest updates, I no longer had any icons on my Desktop and no figures in the taskbar at all. I extensively researched a way to fix this problem but after doing everything I could, Microsoft support finally told me to reformat the whole PC. All my documents completely wiped out. As this may have been a technical problem in coding on their side, they also have numerous design problems.

So many updates! Every day I am prompted by an update on the edge of my screen, which I ignore until suddenly my computer restarts itself 1468937826and installs the updates. What if I don’t want to install the poorly-made updates that ruined my computer the first time around? And then there is the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft tries to shove this browser to your face every time you do something browser-related. Any time I open up Google Chrome, I get a message that says “Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome” or “Microsoft Edge is safer than Chrome” or even “Chrome is draining your battery faster. Switch to Microsoftedge
Edge!”. I have given Microsoft Edge a chance but it still doesn’t live up to Google Chrome in any way. Can you please stop enforcing it upon me? Then there are a countless amount of small annoyances here and there, the most recent one being the fact that my search bar does not even work since it does not allow me to type anything on it.


Windows 10 bug

I can go on and on but i think I made my point. Microsoft really has to step up their game for the next release. Windows XP and Windows 7 really showed off the ways that Microsoft shines in operating systems, but the most recent ones should not be acceptable to their standards.


Windows is malware image taken from https://i.imgur.com/liwqHsF.jpg.
All other ones made by me. 

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