Ads Ads Ads!!!


Ads are something we modern-folk are now used to, since you cannot even leave the house without seeing ads in almost every corner. Too bad, in real life there is no AdBlock that we can use, but in the virtual life we can definitely block those pesky ads that show up in the most inconvenient of times. Nowadays websites are infested with Ads, and it is completely reasonable for a person not wanting to be bothered by them all the time. Especially in cases when Ads forbid you from continuing your current action or when they pop up in another window with sound. Ads can really disrupt your experience from using an application or browsing a website.

There are many types of Ads nowadays, even “smart” ads where people advertise something by acting like a normal buyer and recommending it online. But the Ads I am talking about are the ones that throw off the design of the website, typically in the form of pop ups or space cluttering ads on the sides of the webpage.

Pop-ups should never belong in a website or app with good design. Every time I am on a website that supports pop-ups I get frustrated. As soon as I want to do something, a pop up appears right in front of me stopping my train of thought and prompting me “Are you sure you would like to leave this page?”. Of course I want to leave the pop up page, I don’t think anyone in the right mind would want to keep that popup going. If these ads also have audio playing, then I would just not use that specific website anymore just to make a point of the annoyance of these ads.

forbes.pngAds that appear on the sides of pages are alright as long as they do not prevent you from using the website normally. But this is not the case in most websites, as many are cluttered and thus very confusing and annoying. Sites like YouTube gradually added the ad content since their website was launched. Their ad placement is not in any way an obstacle, but the ads that you have to see before every video are usually annoying. Other sites like have so many ads that lower the performance of the website, giving me a slow and “laggy” experience. Also I cannot even use the website if I block their ads. I wouldn’t need to block their ads if they weren’t so intrusive. Then of course there are sites like that no one would bother to go to.lingling.png

Ads are needed for a websites income, but people should not be that greedy as to destroy the user’s experience over ads. Eventually the amount of people visiting your website will deteriorate. So please future web designers, do not flood your sites with ads.


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