Designing is cool.


I took CSC318 out of interest for visual design and I believe to have made a good decision. I have always liked design, and even in some old coding assignments (e.g CSC207) my favorite part would be designing the layout to my program. But I did not know how much depth is in this field of study until i took this course.

Now I can safely critique an interface with valid thoughts and ideas on how to improve and how to tell between good and bad design choices. During all of my blogs, I have gone through numerous applications and successfully (up to a certain extent) criticized or praised the user experience. All that has been very good practice, and I am confident in my skills to build a decent layout now.

I have learned that every detail matters, even the seemingly small ones like typography or bordering. If an action is not obvious for the user, then the layout is sporting some bad user experience. Visibility of important buttons and information is essential, and they should be given priority in the page layout. Color is also one of the most important things to keep in mind while designing, and they should portray the idea that the certain application offers. The third assignment taught me a lot about creating a great layout with given restrictions that clients may desire (like the specific grid layout). Assignment 2 was great in training the eye to actually seek out details that would make the users experience less than optimal.

The group project given in this course was great as well. It taught me how to work with others comfortably and I was taught the value in every small step in the long process of design. Thankfully my group was composed of hard working and creative individuals, which enhanced my experience with the group phases.

I thoroughly enjoyed CSC318, and I feel like I learned a lot with no pressure of any kind. I would gladly consider taking another visual design course in the near future.



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