Game Design.


I have used most concepts used in CSC318 mainly in the assignments given to us by the same course, but I had the chance to use my knowledge of design in another application, my own.

Since I am graduating in Computer Science, design knowledge is essential. Many times during my previous assignments I have needed to design the interface of a program, not holding the understanding of visual design I have now. Recently I was trying to make a small indie game (which I found out is much harder than I thought). Of course, my project is far from finished but the concepts in 318 taught me to make a good game design interface, like where the buttons are supposed to be on screen during gameplay or how the main interface of the various menus should be laid out. The whole theme is basically an 8-bit style side-scroller, about a knight facing challenges in different colorful environments, even outer space. So with the knowledge I learned from CSC318, I was also able to assign different colors that suited the environment and those characteristics. For example more blue, red and purple in space areas and more green and brown in “earthy” areas. Of course I was also inspired by many different games out there, but I learned to incorporate the things I’ve learned with the things provided by already made games in order to make something new.

My project is still on its way, but the rest will be easier just because of all the information I have accumulated on visual design, provided to me by CSC318. Although much of it isnt implemented in my actual game, I am going to get to that as soon as this school year is at an end.



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