Game Design.

I have used most concepts used in CSC318 mainly in the assignments given to us by the same course, but I had the chance to use my knowledge of design in another application, my own. Since I am graduating in Computer Science, design knowledge is essential. Many times during my previous assignments I have needed […]

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Designing is cool.

I took CSC318 out of interest for visual design and I believe to have made a good decision. I have always liked design, and even in some old coding assignments (e.g CSC207) my favorite part would be designing the layout to my program. But I did not know how much depth is in this field […]

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Ads Ads Ads!!!

Ads are something we modern-folk are now used to, since you cannot even leave the house without seeing ads in almost every corner. Too bad, in real life there is no AdBlock that we can use, but in the virtual life we can definitely block those pesky ads that show up in the most inconvenient […]

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Sure you want to quit skype?

Skype is a renown application mainly used for its video calls but now that many other applications offer the same service, this application is being used less and less. It is being forgotten for a good reason though, because Skype UI is not the best. Skype’s main interface is outdated. It is filled with distractions […]

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Amazon and its design.

I have used for many different purchases throughout the years and it has never let me down. The packages arrive safely and on time, but I’m not here to talk about that. Although Amazon has a great work ethic and costumer service, they really shine in their website design. Amazon’s website is great for […]

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This one is actually good.

Over this winter break, I went to Zurich to meet some relatives, and I had to deal with all the airline flight booking. I came across an airline called Swiss and I decided to book a flight on their airline. I remember at the time I was pleased by the simplicity of the websites design, […]

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